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Looking for a trusted, professional roofing contractor? Maybe you require a free, no-obligation quote on a job that needs attention? Or perhaps you’d like some work completed and require scaffolding?

Mitchell Roofing Services provides expert roofing services to commercial and domestic clients across Scotland, we have almost two decades’ experience in the industry and a wide range of satisfied clients we’re proud to have supported.

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Mitchell Roofing Services LTD
Mitchell Roofing specialise in providing high quality roofing installations for residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout Scotland & Northern England.

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Comprehensive Roof Repairs

Mitchell Roofing Services are a complete roofing solutions company based in Stirling, Alloa and Perth. We proudly serve the surrounding areas of Central Scotland and always make sure that any job we put our name to is worthy off the Mitchell reputation.

Over 20 Years’ Experience Building, Fixing and Servicing Roofs In Scotland

We believe that all roof work is worth doing properly, no matter if it is just a simple tile replacement or a complete flat roof construction job.
All of our work comes with a 100% guarantee, so you can be assured you are getting first class treatment with the Mitchell service.

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Whether it’s a leaking roof that needs to be fixed straight away, gutters that need to be cleared, repair work to a chimney, or replacing broken tiles, we’re here to help. If you’re in the process of buying a property, our roofing team can carry out pre-purchase roof inspections.

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Mitchell Roofing Services, Stirling 


Mitchell Roofing Services, Stirling, are your local full-suite roofing contractor. We offer all manner of roofing services from the smallest emergency repair (before it gets major) to complete re-roofing. Homebuyers can take advantage of our pre-purchase roof inspections, while homeowners get top-notch trade expertise to keep every part of their home’s roofing system in pristine condition and performing as it should. Keeping your property water-tight whatever the weather. 


Emergency Roof Repairs in Stirling 


No part of your roofing system is minor. One loose shingle is all it takes for water ingress to start. When that happens, interior problems arise such as dampness and mould. At Mitchell Roofing Services, we pride ourselves on providing a local emergency roofing service in Stirling for any roofing problem. From a single tile that’s come loose, or flashing that’s been damaged causing water to run down a chimney stack, we can be on-site to secure your home. Our local emergency roofing repair service aims to temporarily secure your property until a permanent repair can be done safely. 


New Roof Construction or Re-roofing


We have a wealth of experience working on various types of roof construction projects. From flat roofs on home extensions, summer houses and garages, to complete pitched apex roofs on new home build projects. Whatever your roofing requirements, our team can assist. 


We use only the highest-rated roofing materials from select suppliers backed by long manufacturer warranties and installed to the right specifications. We can offer a range of roof styles to complete your project to any specification, from interlocking clay tiles, profiled tiles such as pan tiles, tempest tiles, or non-interlocking overlap tile installations. 


Robust Guttering for Maximum Rainwater Management


The guttering system is a vital part of your entire roofing system. Not only does it divert rainwater away from your property, but when things go wrong with the gutters, or a downpipe gets blocked or damaged, the water that fails to flow off the roof winds up getting under the roofing tiles. The longer that goes on, the more structural damage occurs. 


At Mitchell Roofing Services, we can provide guttering repair services and complete guttering renewals in a choice of materials, which can add to the aesthetic appeal of your property. 


Cladding, Fascias and Soffits


The roofline of every home is one of the most underestimated parts of the roofing system. The fascias and soffits are vital! The fascia is the board directly behind the gutters attaching to the structure of the building. Attached to that is the soffit. The fascia board carries the weight of the guttering system. During a heavy downpour, the fascia could be bearing the weight of several gallons of water. The soffit boards are affixed under the fascia board to seal off the roof. These can be ventilated to prevent condensation from accumulating in the attic. 


Fascias and soffits can suffer from wear and tear just the same as any part of a roof. To ensure a robust roofing solution that seals off every avenue of possible water ingress, Mitchell Roofing Services can repair, replace or upgrade the fascias and soffits of your roof system. 


Whatever your roofing needs, Call Mitchell Roofing Services in Stirling today.