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Carlisle is no stranger to storms. In January 2021, two storms (Malik and Corrie) hit the Cumbria region in a single weekend. The following year, (February 2022) three storms (Dudley, Eunice, and Franklin) caused devastation to properties across Carlisle and throughout the Cumbria region over the course of just five days.

The area surrounding your property directly impacts the roofing materials and style of roof best suited to cope with storm force winds.
To access that level of trade expertise, experienced local roofers are best positioned to help.

Professional trade contractors for any home repair, roof renovation, or new installation ought to be local. Local expertise is essential for roofing because one type of material may be fine in a housing scheme (partially exposed to strong winds), yet the same roofing material could completely fail on a detached property located right next to a coastline in the open.

Every Roofing Service You Could Ever Need from One Professional Team in Carlisle!

Mitchell Roofing has extensive experience in every type of roofing project. From slate tiling to interlocking tiles, flat roof (installation and repairs), chimney repairs, and flashing fixes right through to the guttering that channels rainwater to your property’s downpipes.
Whatever you need doing to your roof, Mitchell Roofing is best positioned to help.

A Refreshingly Honest Roofing Service local to Carlisle!

When we say we cater to all roofing services, we mean it. Water ingress (however minor) is a problem. We provide a fast inspection service, and can often apply a fix on the same day.

When more intensive repair work is needed, we explain the reasons why we recommend a particular roof repair.
Our conversations are friendly, honest, and always insightful. We never approach our customers with a sales pitch for the latest roofing materials. Our customers are property owners. Our business is not a sales channel for builders’ merchants.

A family-run Independent Local Roofing Business in Carlisle

Our projects run smoothly because our team works as a tight family unit. The only aspect of our roofing services that are subcontracted is the scaffolding. Even then, we have had the same partners for decades.
When you hire our team for roofing work, it is our family who does the work. That is why we can offer an iron-clad guarantee of every roofing service undertaken by us.
Our team is fully experienced, and our sourcing of materials is stringent.

Why Trust Us

40 years of service in the UK roofing industry
FMB Certified
5-star rated
Trusted Trader status

Mitchell Roofing has your roofing needs covered!

The roof on any property, be it a garage, home, or summer house, directly affects its quality. Not only that, when defects appear, water leaks occur. That puts strain on the building structure, stressing the structural components, which in turn risks a collapse.
At Mitchell Roofing, our team is versatile and has decades of experience working on residential roofs of all types, and on commercial roofing projects too.
Rest assured, whatever roofing services in Carlisle that you need, Mitchell Roofing can provide to extremely high standards, at a competitive price and with industry-leading service and quality guarantees.
Get in contact with Mitchell Roofing, Carlisle, by calling us on: 01228 907012

Whatever the Weather, We Have You Covered

We all know too well how problematic the Scottish weather can be, and when things go wrong you need emergency roof repair to get your roof problems under control.

Roofs need to be able to withstand heavy rain, driving snow and high winds at any time off year.

Regular roof repair and maintenance is essential in Scotland and will help prevent roof leaks and other problems that will turn into costly damage to the roof and property.

Check out our other locations if you are outside East Kilbride.

Roof Repair and Maintenance

Houses in Scotland are generally well built to withstand the elements, but all houses will need some form of maintenance and repair work over the years.

We can undertake all manner of roof work, like slate replacement, gutter repair, repair to leadwork, as well as complete roof overhauls.

Make sure you perform regular roof repairs and maintenance when necessary to avoid much bigger problems developing down the line.

Contact us to find out about our roof maintenance services and make sure your home is protected from the elements.

Our Approach to Roof Repair

We approach all of our roof work with the same care and attention that our customers have come to expect.

Whether you need tile repair, or a complete roof installation, we have the experience and knowledge to get the job done in a timely and professional manner.

Long-lasting roofing by the experts

Over time roofs can become weak, leaving you no other option but to get a new roof. Contact Mitchell Roofing Services and our experts will make sure to install a high-quality roof for you. If you don’t want a traditional roof, then our flat roofing option will be the right choice for you. From domestic roofing to commercial roof installations, you can come to us with all your roofing queries.

Our Roof Construction Services

In addition to roof replacements and installations, we can also offer other work.

We carry out cement work, roof-window installations, rough casting, felt work, lead work and we will even arrange all the scaffolding for you.

We can repair and install the following types of roofs:

Reliable Roofs For New Buildings

If you are in the process of building or converting a building and need a roof that you can depend on, Mitchell Roofing has you covered. We consider all projects on an individual basis, and make sure that you end up with the best possible roof for your requirement. We can supply all the materials necessary and professional install your brand-new roof, working in accordance with any timescale requirements you have. The roof is one of the most important aspects of any build, so make sure you do it right the first time with Mitchell Roofing Services.

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